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Who Are We?

We are a mountaineering club in the broadest sense and enjoy adventurous activities in potentially dangerous places. We don't provide ‘formal’ training nor guiding though we do have lots of experience to share and offer opportunities to practice your skills.

A typical weekend away will include walking, scrambling and climbing as illustrated throughout this site. Members also organise extended trips - skiing, sailing, biking, ... all over the world.

We have a fondness for Scotland in winter and aim to make best use of whatever conditions we find.


Mountaineering is a potentially dangerous and serious activity that includes the possibility of injury and even death. Neither the club nor its officers are responsible for your safety and you are advised to seek suitable training, advice and experience before making your own judgements.


If this worries you - see the BMC web-site for a fuller explanation of the sport and its inherent risks.

Members are active in many mountain sports including skiing, climbing, walking, scrambling, biking.  All levels and ages (over 18) most welcome.



Book Our Hut

Book Our Hut

Great Location, Sleeps 14! Open to non-members Only £12 per night

Visit Our Facebook Page...

Visit Our Facebook Page...

Open to New Members...

Open to New Members...

Do you like Climbing, Mountaineering, Biking, Hiking, or just socialising and being outdoors?

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