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The JMCS is a UK wide club whose membership shares a passion for the great outdoors. We take part in Mountaineering, Climbing, Walking, Cycling, Sailing and more.

Who are we?

The ‘London Section’ represents England & Wales, with the other four sections, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lochaber & Perth making up our Scottish counterparts. Whilst we have members and meets across the UK and Europe, our home and club hut lies in the tranquility of Snowdonia.
The JMCS was originally formed in 1925 as a feeder club for ‘junior’ members to hone their skills ready to join the ‘senior’ Scottish Mountaineering Club of Scotland (SMC).

What do we do?

We organise monthly weekend meets around the UK, and have a club hut in Bethesda, Gwynedd. We walk, scramble, climb (rock and ice), cycle, paddle and sail in mountainous & coastal regions with many members venturing further afield - Alps, Costa Blanca, Himalayas, Jordan, Morocco, Peru to name a few...


We hope this site gives you an insight into our activities and encourage you to join us. While the pictures here are our most dramatic - we also enjoy lots of easy-going hill walking, scrambling and there is always a warm welcome at the end of the day.


A typical weekend away will include walking, scrambling and climbing as illustrated throughout this site. Members also organise extended trips - skiing, sailing, biking, ... all over the world. We have a fondness for Scotland & Wales in winter, and each year run a ‘winter meet’ and aim to make best use of whatever conditions we find. We also run a ‘winter sun’ meet, in places such as Costa Blanca in the later months of the year when it is starting to get a bit chilly for climbing in the UK.


We are a mountaineering club in the broadest sense and whilst we don't provide ‘formal’ training nor guiding though we do have lots of experience to share and offer opportunities to practice your skills. We do enjoy adventurous activities in potentially dangerous places, so if this worries you - see the BMC web-site for a fuller explanation of the sport and its inherent risks.


Mountaineering is a potentially dangerous and serious activity that includes the possibility of injury and even death. Neither the club nor its officers are responsible for your safety and you are advised to seek suitable training, advice and experience before making your own judgements.

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